Research and Innovation

SLC Textile

SLC Têxtil has a Quality & Research center with the highest technology, and trained technicians in the sector, to guarantee the excellence of the product in terms of resistance to ultraviolet rays, softness, and durability.

To enhance human valorization and environmental sustainability, we participate in the Certification Program for Organizations in the sectors of society annually, with the commitment to socio-environmental recognition for the development of its activities. We would like to thank the associates and friends for having achieved the 2018 renovation once again.

ISO 9001: 2015

SLC Textil is committed to the quality of its products. That is why we are a company certified by the ABNT ISO 9001; 2008 standard. It is a standard that is focused on the effectiveness of the Quality Management System in meeting customer requirements.

Green Seal

SLC Têxtil is an industry committed to protecting the environment. Avoid, reduce, and control the generation of waste, thus committing ourselves to prevent pollution and using natural resources in a balanced way. Develop the environmental awareness of our employees, suppliers, and the community.

ASGI – international seal

ASGI is an international association of synthetic grass installers of which SLC TEXTIL is also a member. We have the seal of an international body focused on installation techniques and the quality of synthetic grass. Our collective objective, as an industry, is to demonstrate the best business practices, educate and promote professional quality in the systems we offer to the synthetic grass market.

ISA SPORT KIWA – international seal

It is an independent and professional institute of quality, durable and safe sports. The main activities of KiwaA ISA Sport are in advising the independence of sports facilities, conducting research, and testing (inter) national sports. Once more, SLC believes in the importance of having serious partners committed to innovation, development, and the search for excellence in the market in which we operate.


SLC’s most recent partnership in Brazil – Brazilian Association of the Nonwoven and Technical Fabrics industries: ABINT is a national body of relevant work. Among its main partners are Manufacturers and Representatives of Textile Machinery, Equipment and Accessories, Raw Materials, and Auxiliary Products in the Production Chain, Nonwoven Manufacturers, Manufacturers of Technical Fabrics, Distributors, Makers and Manufacturers of Finished Nonwoven Goods, Technical Fabrics, Compounds, and Others Textiles.